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The Boston Globe: Romeo and Juliet on the Common Aims to Enliven a Beloved Tale

The Boston Globe: “You take into consideration that everyone knows at least the ins and the outs of the story,” says director Allegra Libonati. “I think our approach is that the play holds up. The characters are really good…. Read More

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Edge Media: Father, Daughter, Plays-Part One: Will Lyman

Longtime Boston actor Will Lyman has graced area stages of decades, as well as lending his talents to the small and large screens, sometimes in the capacity of voice actor (PBS’ “Frontline” on television; “Iron Man” (2008) and “Little Children”… Read More

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Edge Media: The Play Remains the Thing, Steven Maler on ‘Our American Hamlet’

If you think the most famous actor in America in the months and years just after April 14, 1865, was John Wilkes Booth, you’re probably right. But who held that distinction in the years leading up to that… Read More

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The Boston Globe: Shakespeare’s tragedy, and our own

In rehearsal for “Our American Hamlet,” Jake Broder performs double duty. One minute he’s responding to director Steve Maler’s suggestion about how to deliver a sword to another character onstage, and the next he’s answering a question about… Read More

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Wicked Local: Lincoln assassin’s brother was ‘like De Niro’

Jacob Fishel plays Edwin convincingly with a regal but vulnerable affect, a lord of the stage who is forever undermined by the haunting influence of his father and the bumbling, jealous rage of his brother John. (The would-be… Read More

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The Boston Globe: An Uncommon Shakespeare Comedy for the Common

“The women have this control over how much they want to be wooed, or not. The idea of wit and the ability to use your words is really revered in this play, and there’s something about how the… Read More

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The Boston Globe: In ‘Lear’, Lyman is the King of Boston Common

Lyman is starring as Lear in a milestone production for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company: This is the 20th year the company has given free performances of a Shakespeare play on Boston Common, which typically draw tens of thousands of… Read More

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Boston Globe: Creating a new look for ‘Twelfth Night’ on the Common

“”The thing I love about this play is it is such a melancholic comedy “, Maler said. “He was writing this as he was writing ‘Hamlet’.  This sense of multiple deaths, some real and some perceived, that happen… Read More

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Wicked Local: Newton native Larry Coen brings the laughs to Boston’s Shakespeare on the Common

If you’re watching a Commonwealth Shakespeare Company performance and you’re laughing, then there’s a good chance Larry Coen is on stage. –Alexander Stevens, Wicked Local

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