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WGBH: Preview of “Universe Rushing Apart: Blue Kettle and Here We Go.”

Director Bryn Boice and actor Karen MacDonald previewed their new production, “Universe Rushing Apart: Blue Kettle and Here We Go.”

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Wicked Local: Commonwealth Shakespeare Company interprets two of Caryl Churchill’s one-act plays

Mark Twain, who said that a “classic” is a book that everyone wants to have read but no one wants to read, might have a similar observation about the plays of Caryl Churchill: Everyone admires her work, but… Read More

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WBUR: What To Know About ‘Richard III’ Before Going To Shakespeare On The Common

You don’t have to know a whole lot about English history — or even have read the other “history plays” in the Shakespearean canon — to appreciate “Richard III,” which, in this production, features veteran Shakespearean actor, TV and… Read More

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Edge Media: Talking ‘Richard III’ with Faran Tahir

Faran Tahir was born into the world of theater, being the son of parents who were quite active in the theater arts in Pakistan. And one could say Tahir was born into the film world, as well, given… Read More

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Boston Globe: Capturing the villainy of Richard III from the inside out

Playing Shakespeare’s Richard III, actor Faran Tahir holds a useless left arm to his side and limps with his left foot turned slightly inward. But he is not frail, not hideous. Stalking a bare rehearsal stage in jeans… Read More

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Wicked Local: Faran Tahir and Seamus Doyle

Richard III kills a man and then has the audacity to seduce, marry and murder the widow. Later on, he has two royal kids assassinated in order to secure his place on the throne. And yet, when Faran… Read More

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WGBH Open Studios: Interview with Faran Tahir

Actor Faran Tahir sits down to discuss his leading role in Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s production of “Richard III.”

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Improper Bostonian: Crowning Glory-Interview with Richard III’s Faran Tahir

Actor Faran Tahir, 54, was born in Los Angeles into a distinguished artistic family and raised in Pakistan before returning to the U.S. in 1980 to study at Cal-Berkeley, and then at Harvard with the American Repertory Theater. Best known… Read More

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Edge Media: Then, as Now, It’s a Rich Man’s World : Karen MacDonald on Directing ‘Old Money’ for CSC

Karen MacDonald has been a leading light of the Boston theater scene for decades. She was a founding company member of the American Repertory Theatre — a distinction she holds along with the late, much missed Thomas Derrah… Read More

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Wicked Local: Babson’s play ‘Old Money’ looks at the character of America through wealth

There’s a quote by John Adams that resonates with Karen MacDonald these days. “We do possess one material which actually constitutes an aristocracy that governs the Nation,” wrote the second President of the United States. “That material is… Read More

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