Prospero Society and Donor Communities

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
— William Shakespeare

The Prospero Society is a community of CSC’s most devoted and enthusiastic supporters. Society members believe passionately in our mission to bring Shakespeare’s timeless works to the community with the highest artistic quality, innovatively presented, and accessible to all audiences, and to train the next generations of theater professionals, instilling a lifelong love of theater in artists and audiences.

We invite you to join us.

As a Prospero Society member with your annual gift of $1,000 or more, you will enjoy opportunities to meet other members who share your commitment to CSC, gain access to our artists and glimpses behind the scenes, and — most of all — experience the joy that comes from knowing you are sharing in the future of the arts in our community.

“Not only does CSC present awesome free performances on the Boston Common but what they do with young people and students through Stage2 and the Apprentice Program is just as spectacular. To have students see Romeo and Juliet for the first time and see their surprise when Romeo and Juliet die is just wonderful to know they are experiencing something so wonderful for the first time! That is the type of impact I hope will happen with my gifts to support the wide range of CSC programs and performance.” - Paul KastnerMembers are invited to deepen their experience with CSC by attending “salon-style” events in a variety of private residences and intimate settings.

Within the Prospero Society, we are honored to recognize CSC’s communities of generous donors at the highest levels with opportunities to connect deeply and personally with our artists, leaders, and backstage elements of our programs. 

For more information, contact Director of Development, Alexandra Breland at or 617-426-0863 ext. 202. 

Prospero Society – $1,000
    • Invitations to special donor events throughout the year
    • Access to exclusive donor newsletter with programming previews and CSC news
    • Early access to Friends seat reservations for Shakespeare on the Common
    • A copy of the script for the Shakespeare on the Common play following the season announcement, with a sneak peek into the vision for the show
    • Exclusive quarterly events including CSC’s “Salon Series”
    • 4 seats to the Stage2 performance on the date of your choice
    • 2 Friends seats for Shakespeare on the Common

Titania Tier – $2,500
In addition to all the benefits of the Prospero Society, our Titania Tier donors get an additional peek at both our Shakespeare on the Common rehearsals and our spring Stage2 show!
      • Invitation to the first rehearsal (“first read”) of our annual Shakespeare on the Common production
      • A copy of the script for the Stage2 play following the season announcement, with a sneak peek into the vision for the show
      • 4 Friends seats for Shakespeare on the Common

Falstaff Fund – $5,000
Falstaff Fund donors of Five thousand dollars or more annually receive all Prospero Society and Titania tier benefits, along with early and exclusive access to special events and private CSC program conversations.
      • Early access to Opening Night Friends seat reservations
      • Access to virtual gatherings for updates from CSC leadership and artists
      • Invitation to a private Stage2 rehearsal
      • 6 Friends seats for Shakespeare on the Common

Hamlet Circle – $10,000
In the Hamlet Circle, our donors receive all benefits from giving levels up to $10,000, along with personal perks and gatherings from CSC artists and program leadership.
      • Invitation to a dress rehearsal picnic for Shakespeare on the Common
      • A personalized video of a Shakespearean sonnet or other performance for your birthday or occasion of your choice
      • Dinner with the Stage2 director and actors
      • 10 Friends seats for Shakespeare on the Common

Rosalind League – $25,000
To show deepest gratitude to our Rosalind League donors of $25,000 or more each year, CSC offers special public recognition and private connections with Shakespeare on the Common, along with the benefits offered with every other CSC donor community.
      • Dinner with the Artistic Director and actors from this year’s Shakespeare on the Common production
      • Recognition in the Shakespeare on the Common curtain speech the night of your attendance
      • Two tickets to the annual CSC gala

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