Board of Directors

Board of Directors

David Friedman, Chair

Joan Moynagh, Secretary

Cara Abdulrazak, Treasurer

Christy Cashman

Rob Hagan

Kerry Healey

Irwin Heller

Steven Maler

Mary Dockray-Miller

Scott Oran

Susan Poduska

Bryan Simmons

Board of Advisors

Ameek Ashok Ponda, Chair

Eric Belsley

Chris Ferraro

Ernst Guerrier

Dennis Hong

Kim Janey

Bethany Jewell

Tivon Marcus

Michael McCormack

Natalie McKnight

George Raine

Stephen Kennedy Smith

Jessica Stokes

Madeline Wang

Featured Photo: Founding Artistic Director, Steven Maler and Co-Founder and Trustee, Joan Moynagh

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