Bruce Odland

Music/ Sound Designer

Bruce Odland has been a pioneer in spatial sound and music from his start creating speaker systems and multichannel scores for the Denver Center Theater in the 1980’s, through his alchemical transformations of noise into music in public space with Sam Auinger, to his creation of alternative virtual acoustics in real theatrical spaces for the Wooster Group in the 2000’s and his co-production with Laurie Anderson of a 24 channel permanent sound art installation for the Novartis Campus in Basel Switzerland in the 2010’s. His approach is to compose with all aspects of sound and music, particularly the space between. He first worked with Steven Maler at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge many years ago, and is happy to return to a rich collaboration in a new medium, applying his knowledge of  music, sound, space, resonance and perception in virtual reality. He is the founder of The TANK Center for Sonic Arts, in a vast abandoned water tank in the high desert of Rangely, Colorado, where he recorded the score for “Thy Father’s Spirit.”

Productions at Commonwealth Shakespeare Company
Production Role
Hamlet 360: Thy Father’s Spirit
Music/ Sound Design

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