2024 Apprentice Program Application

Personal Information


Please share with us some information about your current and/or past educational experience.
Ex: Circle in the Square, 2023

Other information

If yes, you will receive a $700 tuition credit. No additional application is needed to receive this work study position and spots are not limited! We encourage ALL interested Apprentices to participate! Please review thoroughly the website description of this workstudy.
Please note that all housing is handled through individual agreement with Suffolk University and is deployed on a first come, first served basis as space is available. CSC does not guarantee any housing or roommate assignments.
All of the above opportunities require an additional application, which can be found on our website.

Audition Requirements

Other Requirements

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please make sure to include your name in the file title.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This does NOT need to be a professional headshot, just a photo of you! Please make sure to include your name in the file title.
*We suggest this to be a teacher, director, coach or other theater professional who can speak to your work as an actor and theatrical collaborator.

Personal Response Questions

In considering applicants for the Apprentice Program, our goal is to offer apprenticeships to actors that are seeking to develop specific skills or to sharpen their artistic perspectives with specific experiences. Please take a few minutes to review the information about the Apprentice Program and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company that's available on our website and social media. You may even reach out to Apprentice Program staff to get a clear picture of what the apprenticeship is all about. With that information in mind, please tell us how you hope or expect the CSC Apprentice Program to influence the following: (Please use no more than 250 words.)
Include a challenge you face in performing one of these plays. If you have not performed one of Shakespeare's plays yet (that's ok!), please reflect on why that might be and how that informs your relationship with these works.
Describe how you see this apprenticeship helping you to achieve that goal.

Optional Demographic Questions

In an effort to make this program accessible to a diverse group of applicants, we like to collect demographical information from all of our applicants so we can learn more about who is applying for our program and find ways to be more inclusive in our recruitment/enrollment process. Answering questions in the section is completely optional and information provided in this section is not used in making acceptance decisions.
EXAMPLE: Michelle Obama's lenses might include being a cisgender black straight married woman who is a lawyer and a mother.
Including parents/guardian's income if dependent, self (and spouse if applicable) for independent.
including parents/guardians/siblings if dependent or 1 if single independent or including spouse/children if applicable

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