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CSC Stage2 Series: Julius Caesar

See Calendar for matinee schedule


  • May 8-16, 2016

    CSC Stage2 Series: Julius Caesar

    • When:

      May 8-16, 2016 90 minutes

    • Venue:

      Babson College's Sorenson Center for the Arts

    • Need to know:

      Recommended for grades 6 and up.

      Directions & Parking Information for the Sorenson Center for the Arts at Babson College

      Run Time: 90 minutes, no intermission.

      Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchair seating is available at the Sorenson Center for the Arts. When purchasing tickets, please indicate your needs for wheelchair accessible seating and House Management staff will be happy to reserve appropriate seating for you and your guests.

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Auditions for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company 2017 Season

Our American Hamlet

  • First Rehearsal: February 28, 2017
  • First Preview: March 23, 2017, Babson College
  • Opening Night: March 24, 2017
  • Closing: April 2, 2017

Equity Roles:

  • Edwin Booth: Male, The play follows Edwin between the ages of 12-33. Son of Junius Brutus Booth, sensitive and melancholy looks. Regarded as one of the greatest actors of the 19th century. Also plays Hamlet.
  • Adam Badeau: Male, The play follows Adam between the ages of 25-35 and also sees him as an old man. A drama critic, Edwin's dear friend and mentor, then General Grant's Adjutant. An effete aristocrat. Also Plays Horatio.
  • John Wilkes Booth: Male, The play follows John between the ages of 12-28. Younger Son of Junius Brutus Booth, Edwin’s younger brother. Strikingly handsome. A pugnacious, forever wounded animal, a tough kid. He has a strong ego and an inviolable pride. Also Plays Hamlet & Laertes.
  • Junius Brutus Booth: Male, The play follows Junius between the ages of 49-54. English Tragedian, comes to America to become greatest actor of mid 1800s. A strikingly handsome romantic libertine, a drunk, a man of great appetites and of fiery temperament. The last of the great barnstormers. Also plays Hamlet, Claudius & Ghost.
  • Mary Ann Holmes: Female. The play follows Mary Ann between the ages of 43-62 Junius' mistress, the mother of his American brood - a romantic girl who sacrifices everything to follow a romantic dream, growing into a stout, strong woman, pistol whipped by every blow rained down on her - she fights the world and fiercely protects her clan, and yet is filled with self-recrimination. Also plays Gertrude. This actress will also play Adelaide Delanoy: Female, late 50s, Junius' legal wife. A Belgian born woman, upright, and very concerned with her and her sons' honor.

Non-Equity Roles:

  • Asia Booth: Female, The play follows Asia between the ages of 11-29 Junius' daughter by Mary. She loves her family more than anything, and submits to the will of it, yet sees the truth of the injustices and cruelty. Also Plays Ophelia. This actress will also play, Mary Devlin: Female, early 20s, An Irish American Actress, later wife of Edwin. A fiery spirit, and a good performer, idolizes Edwin.
  • June Booth: Male, The play follows June between the ages of 29-43. The oldest son of Mary Ann and Junius. Good looking and strong. He left his family to make his way early, not troubled by madness or talent, and became a theatre manager in CA. Also plays Dr. Miller & Osric. This actor will also play John Sleeper Clarke: Male, late 20s, Friend of the Booth family, a comic actor, later husband to Asia, and business partner of Edwin. A comic child, who becomes a character actor and a very rich theatre owner. This actor also plays various Stage Managers and other characters.

Beckett in Brief

  • First Rehearsal: April 4, 2017
  • First Preview: April 27, 2017, Babson College
  • Opening Night: April 28, 2017
  • Closing: May 7, 2017

Equity Roles:

  • Animator/Gorman/Krapp: (CAST) Male, 60s-70s, lean, craggy, still searching, physically resembles Samuel Beckett
  • Cream/Fox: (voice) Male, 70s, settled, opinionated

Non-Equity Roles:

  • Stenographer: Female, 20s, strong, yet sexually alluring, voice

2017 Shakespeare on the Common: Romeo & Juliet

  • First Rehearsal: June 20, 2017
  • First Preview: July 19, 2017, The Boston Common
  • Opening Night: July 26, 2017
  • Closing: August 6, 2017

Equity Roles:

  • Romeo: Male, 20s, Intelligent and sensitive. Impulsive and passionately idealistic. Uninterested in the violence that has engulfed his family. Strong stage combat required.
  • Juliet: Female, 20s, Mature beyond her years. Has emotional depth, a quick wit and sense of humor.
  • Nurse: Female, 50-60s, A maternal figure, lower class, crass and bawdy. A survivor. Highly comedic.
  • Friar: Male, 50-60s, Gentle, mysterious, a religious elder with a twinkle in his eye. Wise and eager to build a bridge between the two families, with the best intentions.
  • Mercutio: Male, 30s, Flamboyant, unpredictable, sexually ambiguous and charged. An extrovert. Singers a plus. Strong stage combat required.
  • Lord Capulet: Male, 40-50s, A volatile patriarch, commands respect, used to getting his way. Loves his daughter but believes he knows what’s best for her. Fixated on outward appearances. A figure of note in this community.
  • Lady Capulet: Female, 40-50s, A mother without innate maternal instinct. Frivolous, showy, easily becomes an ice queen. Prioritizes her husband’s will above all others.
  • Benvolio: Male, 20-30s, Gentle, affable, good natured and loyal. Trustworthy. An old soul. Stage combat required.

Non-Equity Roles:

  • Lord Montague: Male,40s-50s, Romeo’s father, benevolent, sweet, attentive.
  • Lady Montague: Female, 40s-50s, Romeo’s mother, generous, sweet, attentive.

CSC2 Roles (All CAST from our Educational Programming):

  • Tybalt: Male, 20s-30s, Fiery, short-tempered, a fighter not a lover. Strong stage combat required.
  • Paris: Male, 20s-30s, Lord Capulet’s preferred suitor to his daughter. Refined with an aristocratic air. Strong stage combat required.
  • Prince Escalus: Male or female, 20s-30s, Kinsman to Mercutio and Paris. Eager to maintain law and order in New Orleans.
  • Balthasar: Male, 20s, Romeo’s trusted friend. Stage combat required.
  • Apothecary: Female, 20s, Louisiana voodoo queen, in the mold of Marie Laveau. Stage combat required for doubled ensemble role.
  • Friar John: Female, 20s, A young Catholic friar, earnest and diligent. Stage combat required for doubled ensemble role.
  • Abraham: Male, 20s, A young New Orleans native of the house of Montague. Stage combat required.
  • Samson: Male, 20s, A young New Orleans native of the house of Capulet. Stage combat required.
  • Gregory: Male, 20s, A young New Orleans native of the house of Capulet. Stage combat required.
  • Peter: Male, , 20s, A well-meaning, illiterate servant of the house of Capulet. Accompanies the nurse.
  • Ensemble: Male or Female, 20s-30s, Stage combat required.
  • Ensemble: Male or Female, 20s-30s, Stage combat required.

Audition Information

Equity Auditions*:

  • Monday, December 12: 10:00AM-6:00PM at Babson College Wellesley, MA
  • Tuesday, December 13: 10:00AM-6:00PM at Babson College Wellesley, MA

Non-Equity Auditions:

  • Wednesday, December 14: 10:00AM-4:00PM at Boston Playwright's Theater, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 ALL SLOTS FULL
  • Thursday, December 15: 10:00AM-5:00PM at Boston Playwright's Theater, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
AEA Performers without appointments will be seen as time permits. 

Audition Requirements

Please prepare two contrasting monologues; one Shakespeare and one contemporary not to exceed five minutes total. Please bring one copy of your headshot/resume, neatly stapled.

How to Sign Up:

Please fill in the following information and choose your top three time slots from the options below. If for any reason you need to cancel/change your audition slot or if you have any questions, please email auditions@commshakes.org.

First Name*
Last Name*
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