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Each year CSC offers a number of add-on workshops designed for schools planning to attend our Stage2 Student Matinees in the spring. This year’s workshops are designed with our May 2022 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in mind; however, we are also able to offer workshop options to schools unable to attend our matinee performances. Workshops can be scheduled at any time during the year.

CSC’s curriculum-based workshops are tailored to each school’s specific needs. Run-time per workshop can vary by school schedule, typically 45 or 90 minutes, and most school visits contain 2-3 classroom workshops per day. Workshops tie to the performance with lesson plans and objectives that range from textual analysis, critical response, and comprehension, to public speaking, movement and the exploration of social dynamics. Each workshop concludes with prompts for additional reflection and learning, using students’ writing and critical thinking skills.

For the 2021-2022 school year, all workshops can be delivered through in person visits or virtually via your school’s desired platform. Please note all CSC teaching artists and actors are fully vaccinated and must undergo a daily health screening to attend in person work. Additional covid-19 safety requirements from your school for visiting individuals can be discussed when booking your workshop.

For MIDSUMMER, we have developed the following workshops:

A Midsummer Theme Workshop: an overview of the play’s themes, including Love, Trickery, Transformation, Chaos/Order, and Balance, among others. Workshop add-ons include status exercises, character creation games, and even action/objective exercises using Laban movement efforts.

 How Verse Creates a Character: a deep dive with iambic pentameter, showing how Midsummer actors create their characters with clues inside Shakespeare’s verse. Emphasis is placed on the young Lovers’ shared lines, rhyming couplets, and the use of the familiar “thee/thine,” as well as Puck and Oberon’s use of verse variation to cast spells.

Public Speaking and Voice: uses the text to enhance students’ public speaking skills, including understanding and overcoming stage fright, breath, enunciation, projection, and the use of rhetorical devices like antithesis and lists/ladders. Students will try vocal warm-up exercises and games to get their bodies and voices ready for public speaking.

Workshop à la carte: CSC can adapt any of its workshops to meet the needs of each classroom. Teachers present CSC with their ideas and CSC works with its Teaching Artists to develop classroom activities that will support their curriculum.

Cost is tailored based on each school’s individual request. Free or reduced cost workshops may be available through the SAVOR program to schools attending our student matinees (see below). Please use the button below to request a quote:

School SAVOR Program is a Commonwealth Shakespeare Company initiative that receives generous funding from sponsors to provide student tickets to schools facing extreme economic hardships .Through the SAVOR program, students attend a matinee at reduced or zero cost to them or their school. The program may even cover the cost of transportation and additional in school workshops. Contact to be considered for this program.

SAVOR stands for Subsidized Art is a Value & Our Right. We firmly believe that art, and theatre in particular, should be savored live, early, and often. We hope to break down barriers to theatre, and show students art that is created for them


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