2023 Fast-Track Apprentice Intake Form

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This could either be your school and grad year (for example: Bridgewater State '18) or if not applicable your town of residence/origin (for example: Brooklyn, NY)
This email will be the primary form of communication during the summer. It is very important it is one that you can check every day.
For example: She/her/hers; They/Them/Theirs; He/Him/His
No additional application is needed for this Work Study. If you check yes, you're in! A reminder that confirmed Spark Scholars are required to participate in the Audience Ambassador Workstudy as part of your scholarship.
Social Media Workstudy, Apprentice Experience Workstudy, and Production Workstudy Positions all require an additional application available on our website. Each come with their own job responsibilities, additional hours, and tuition credits so please read the descriptions carefully.
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We ask that each member of CSC provide a personal visual description for our use in media, promotion, access services and guidance when referring to you. Out of respect for each of you, we want the language of your physical description and identity to come from you. Helpful details to mention in a visual description for people that are blind, experience low vision, or are unable to visually perceive media images include: hairstyle and hair color, race/ethnicity, age or age range, gender/pronouns, any additional distinctive accessories (i.e glasses), mobility aids (i.e wheelchair, hearing aids, etc.), and more. We recognize that some people may not feel comfortable disclosing their mobility aids or if they have a disability, though this can help with eliminating unconscious bias. If it's helpful, use your headshot as a jumping off point. EXAMPLES: a) “I am a partially-blind white woman in my late teens. I have thick purple glasses, a large purple headset and blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.” b) “I’m a white cis man, in my mid-30. I’m tall, with greying dark curly hair. My pronouns are he / him.” c) “I use they/them pronouns. I am a nonbinary East Asian person in my 20s. I have long dark hair and facial hair.”
This should be a new monologue that you have not worked on before. Please include the play, character name, act/scene and first line. The only requirement is that this be a verse monologue rather than prose. Please feel free to select any monologue from Shakespeare's works regardless of gender/"type". You might consider choosing a selection close-ish to your age range (for example: not King Lear) so that this monologue can be relevant to you near-term and we ask that you also be mindful of character race where appropriate (for example: Othello). If you have questions about your choice, please reach out!

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