2019 Apprentice Program Self Evaluation


List any previous classes in acting, voice, and Shakespeare. Please include the class, the teacher(s), the number of years and any specific topics or focuses of the class (for instance, “Linklater method” under voice).
List any Shakespearian roles you’ve played, either in full productions or in scene/monologue work. Please specify the scene and speech if applicable and note the theater company or school.

Class Work

In the below section, please rate your comfort in voice and text work. Using a 1-5 scale. A rating of “1” would indicate that you consider your voice to be untrained with at least a few bad habits or obstacles to overcome and a rating of “5” would indicate that you consider yourself to be well trained and experienced in that area. Tell us a little about why you chose the rating you did. Secondly, please provide one specific challenge you face and one specific strength you have in each area. Finally, please set forth a realistic goal that you hope to accomplish or work towards this summer. A reminder that this is a place to be honest about strengths and challenges so that we can work together for your growth this summer!
Please list any other goals for the summer that you want to bring to our attention. These may include professional goals, personal growth goals, or other artistic goals not otherwise included here.

Work Selection

Ex: Romeo, Romeo & Juliet, Act II, Scene 2, "He jests at scars that never felt a wound"

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